Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Awesome Ted Talk from May on the design flaws in Suburbia

This talk gives good history on the Space Monkey tenant on Self Reliance and why it's such an important focus on the coming years. Buying from local farmers at the co-op is the start. Forging your own living, creating your own garden, recycling your own waste, living off solar energy for power and cleaning your own water, encouraging others to do the same, these are -basics- of human living that we must embrace -years- ago. Come on, get to it.

Shadow run was a cultural responce to Jung's and various philisopher's "shadow" self. You can quote me on that.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can't quite recall what that was about. Probably something to do with THC and the effects it has against lung cancer. Which are awesome. Sorry, shameless plug. Also, did you hear about the 400,000 + plants seized in cali this week? That's an awesome job there. Too bad it's the only way we can fund the meth fight. =/

Monday, July 23, 2007

This week's news!

Nanogenerators that can use the flow of blood to draw energy from the human body:

Snape dies.

Scalar Waves!

Bionic Arms!§ion=8

George Carlin's watched Zeitgeist. Have you?
(Zeitgeist for those that have missed it can be found here:
Skip the first nine minutes if you're impatient or click on the official movie link part ONE)

Annnnd I'm out. Also, look up: Paintable solar cells, et al

Oh, and, of course... The treasury can now take all your shit if you've been bad. Go ahead and look that up, along with what the government signed into law concerning what it considers property when dealing with it's own human citizens back when clinton was in power.

Love yah.